Taking a bold step toward economic resilience, Arab nations are actively steering away from their conventional, oil-centric economies. Guided by forward-thinking initiatives, these countries are embracing innovation and technology, charting a strategic course to redefine their future.

As a part of a broader initiative aimed at delving into the dynamic shifts across various domains, DMS has appointed Arabviews to investigate the cultural nuances and contemporary dynamics at play during the Ramadan season.

Delving into the essence of this research, which incorporates insights from 500 consumers in KSA and 300 in the UAE, the focus extends from traditional practices to modern influences. The goal is to highlight the shifting landscape of Arab behavior during this holy month, covering aspects such as home-cooked meals, dining out, spirituality, entertainment, travel, and media…

General Attitudes & Beliefs:

While consumers in both KSA and UAE share common beliefs, such as the desire to preserve cultural heritage for future generations and a consistent inclination to seek good deals before making a purchase, there are distinct nuances between the two markets.

Notably, individuals in KSA (81%) appear to be characterized by their desire to engage with and adapt to technological advancements. Conversely, UAE consumers place significant importance on supporting local products, with a substantial 80% highlighting this aspect in their purchase decisions.

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While the essence of Ramadan, with its spirituality and sense of community, remains the same, the way consumers celebrate and connect has changed.
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