While the essence of Ramadan, with its spirituality and sense of community, remains the same, the way consumers celebrate and connect has changed. This report seeks to identify transformed consumer sentiments and trends so that brands and agencies can rethink the way they approach their Ramadan communications in order to not only reach their audiences but also entertain and inspire them. Despite the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the majority of Arab consumers remain optimistic. 

However, comparison of Ramadan 2021 and Ramadan 2020 findings do show some divergence. While we see a drop in optimism levels, and a greater feeling of exhaustion and loneliness the comparison also highlights a slowly returning confidence. As a result of this variation, Arab consumers are less likely to prioritize needs over wants and limit their purchases to essentials compared to last year. 

Consumers have high hopes for the upcoming month of Ramadan, in spite of their expectations regarding restrictions. Compared to last Ramadan, they report a higher intent to spend on non-essentials. Consumers are growing accustomed to a hybrid retail. Yet, during Ramadan, they still want to visit physical stores for shopping.

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