The Objective
Panadol wanted to increase brand awareness and drive consideration with the right target audience for Panadol Migraine. The campaign was driven from the insight that Migraines are a common concern during Ramadan, due to dehydration, low blood sugar levels, caffeine withdrawal, a shift in the sleep cycle, and sleep deprivation.

The Solution
Panadol and DMS collectively identified 3 audiences that would fit the brand profile. Utilizing the reach of DMS video, and leveraging the multiple premium publishers under its umbrella, we scaled the audiences and had different conversations with each. By retargeting the highest engagers with the right creative message, we delivered on the KPIs and Objectives of our partner.The Results

  • Completion Rate - 77%
  • CTR - 53%
  • 25% Increase in brand awareness
  • 34% Increase in ad recall
  • 14% Increase in consideration
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While the essence of Ramadan, with its spirituality and sense of community, remains the same, the way consumers celebrate and connect has changed.
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