Our study revealed a football fans wheel which is divided into di­fferent fan segments or cohorts based on behavior and levels of engagement in football. One third (1/3) of our digital audience are Football Fanatics, or emotionally connected football supporters who do not miss a single match for their favorite team/- club, have a higher tendency of watching non-important matches, and highly seek football content online. One quarter (1/4) of the audience are Football Fans. They enjoy the sport, favor a certain team, and consume online football content frequently, however, have a lower level of passion for football compared to the Football Fanatics. A newly discovered segment is the Football Tourists who are named as such because they only watch and consume important games and content. Triggered by key events, Football Tourists get active during football seasons, and inactive quickly afterwards. Nevertheless, our insights reveal that they are game-changers from a commercial standpoint as they have high purchasing power, run households, and are main decision makers when it comes to household purchases. Finally, we have the Indirect Fans or those who are not listed to the sport or a specific team but enjoy the hype that surrounds the events (including player stories, celebrities, videos, etc). This segment is highly driven by females as shown from the positive indexes.

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