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Owned  by Choueiri  Group, MEMS FZLLC specializes in the marketing and sales of advertising space for a diversified portfolio of communication vehicles. These include leading satellite TV channels, magazine titles, newspapers and outdoor signs. With a dedicated  team of 80 professionals, the Company services its clients through a network of offices and representatives in 12 cities with a focus on GCC countries.

Media Types Represented





P.O.Box: 21816
Tel: +97144545454
Fax: +97144545411


Jeddah 21524,KSA

P.O.Box: 54988
Tel: +966 2 661 7777
Fax: +966 2 661 7744


Riyadh 11412,KSA

P.O.Box: 4681
Tel: +966 1 2932727
Fax: +966 1 2930955


Dammam 31461, KSA

P.O.Box: 2666
Tel: +966 3 8420434
Fax: +966 3 8426865




Arabic family channel catering to GCC social and cultural values. Satellite broadcast as of 1992. Revampe...

Sama Dubai TV

Arabic entertainment channel catering to UAE nationals (social & cultural values). Launched in 2005 (24h,...


Free-to-air satellite TV channel dedicated to sports events and programs. Launched in 1998 and revamped i...

Al Bayan (Arabic Daily)

The official Arabic daily newspaper of the city of Dubai. Launched in 1980 . Revamped in 2005.

Al Hayat

2nd highest rated newspaper in KSA.The most widely quoted by western media. Founded in 1945. Re-launched ...


English entertainment: Exclusive shows about life in Dubai, series and movies. Launched in 2005.

Noor Dubai

Complements social, economic and cultural development of the UAE / Pan-Arab region. Launched in 2009.

DUBAI Racing

World-class equestrian programming (focused on the iconic Arab horseman). Launched in 2008.

Laha Magazine

Pan-Arab weekly women’s magazine. Distributed in GCC, Levant, Egypt, Europe and other territories. Launch...


A Leading Pan-Arab monthly women’s magazine. Collaboration with top beauty magazine “Votre Beauté”.

Emarat Al Yaoum

2nd highest rated newspaper in the UAE. Focuses on domestic topics for Arabs in the UAE. Launched in 200...

Al Yaum (Arabic Daily)

A leading Socio-Political Arabic Daily in KSA. Most widely read Arabic daily in Eastern Province. Since 1...

Noor Dubai FM

Launched in September 2009. Extension of Noor network. Features 10 hours of daily live broadcasting.

Dubai Radio

Vibrant yet balanced blend of youthful entertainment. Latest Emirati, Gulf and Arabic music. Re-launched ...


Large format with sizes up to 18 M x 6 M, with message printed in digital technology on flexible vinyl ma...

AL Oula FM

Launched in September 2014 as the first radio station of-its-kind, dedicated to portraying the UAE's heri...