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Corporate News

DMI and MEMS host the official launch of Dubai TV’s “Astronauts”

April 07, 2020

The event kicked off at 6 pm and welcomed guests to the Choueiri Group Building’s Rooftop venue, where the show’s theme of providing out-of-this-world Reality TV entertainment was amplified. The show’s star jury member Chris Hadfield (The first Canadian astronaut to walk in space), along with his co-jury member Luma Naccache (Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist) as well as the show’s host Saud Karmustaji (Head – Operations Management, the UAE Astronaut Program at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre) were all in attendance, along with senior officials from DMI, as well as MEMS and Choueiri Group.


Speaking on the occasion, MEMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Jean Pierre Tannous welcomed in everyone by saying that “Astronauts aims to deliver a unique entertainment experience to Arab audiences and serves as a unique first-of-its-kind reality TV show. By pushing the boundaries of creativity across all fronts, we are confident this the very special reality TV show will resonate well with Arab audiences and go on to become a flagship platform”.


Following an awe-inspiring video presentation (View video by clicking on the link below*) Saud Karmustaji elaborated on the show’s unique format and stressed that it was truly the first-of-its-kind in the Arab world. He also reiterated that the UAE is also a pioneer, being the first and only Arab country to develop its own space center, where a specialized team of local astronauts are being primed for an envisioned mission to Mars.


Detailing the challenges and excitement which astronauts actually experience, Chris Hadfield also spoke to the gathering and recounted his unearthly lift-off, aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. “Despite training for it your whole life, you go from nothing to fuel burning at 12 tons a second, 80 million horsepower kicking into the spine in your back and being hurdled off the planet to hit the speed of sound in 45 seconds”, said the veteran space walker.


With production for this first-of-its-kind regional adaption of the hit BBC format commencing in April 2019, the event was aimed at introducing brands to become part of the unearthly challenges and dreams which will drive 12 contestants from across the Arab world to compete at the top of their game, in order to win the opportunity of becoming a career astronaut.


The evening ended with a lucky draw where attendees won a host of prize vouchers from Atlantis the Palm. 1 lucky grand draw winner from the evening’s gathering also won the opportunity to travel to Moscow for a “zero gravity” cosmonaut experience.