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Corporate News


November 01, 2016

Event showcases a vibrant display of the pink ribbon culture

Dubai – November 1, 2016:    

For the 5th consecutive year, Choueiri Group successfully hosted its annual Breast Cancer Awareness drive on Monday, October 31st, in the lobby of the Choueiri Group Building. The event which ran from 9 am to 4 pm was once again co-hosted by Choueiri Group Building tenants Havas (Co-hosts for the 4rd year in a row).

Breast Cancer 2016

This year’s fund-raising activity was conducted via a custom-made “Aim for a new reality…a world that’s cancer free” virtual reality (VR) video game. The gaming screen was placed in the Choueiri Group Building’s lobby area, where ushers handed out pink bracelets, metallic ribbons and pens to all building residents and guests. Supporters (Who were asked to wear traditional pink) stepped up to the game to take aim at virtual targets and score points. Each target earned them a different cash value. The total winnings (Scores) of all players were paid-up by Choueiri Group and Havas, and all proceeds raised from the event went to the UAE based Tawam Hospital.

As always, the event gathered pace with plenty of social media interaction, aimed at spreading greater awareness for the cause. All participants were photographed against a dedicated campaign wall and a group photo for Choueiri Group’s staff was also taken at 10:30 am to mark the occasion on the rooftop of the building. All images were then uploaded to a special Choueiri Group Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook page, with everyone being requested to “tag” their friends and “like” or “share” their photos to spread the message out to even wider circles.

Speaking on the occasion, Choueiri Group’s Chairman and CEO Pierre Choueiri stated that “We took up this important cause 5 years ago, and with each passing year, I am very pleased that the efforts and participation towards its success have grown. I am grateful to our building neighbors Havas for co-hosting, as well as all the staff members from Philips for their avid participation. Thank you all for taking the time to make this year’s event another success story”.

Creating greater awareness for breast cancer is crucial for persuading more women to have regular, timely screenings and is credited with contributing to a decrease in death rates from the disease over the last couple of decades.