CG Racing make a smashing seasonal start with Pro and Corporate category victories


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CG Racing win another set of Runner-Up victories at Round 2

April 30, 2017

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Round 2 of the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship (held from April 28-29, 2017) witnessed a total of 29 teams lining up at the Le Mans style running start of the race, on the 1.245 kilometer Switchback Circuit at Dubai Kartdrome. 


The 600 laps endurance race started at 19.00 on Friday and took nearly 13 hours to finish by Saturday morning.

Choueiri Group’s CG Racing Pro (2016 Champions and 2-time Pro Title winners) once again went-up against arch-rivals Batelco Racing, who had previously won Round One. CG Racing Pro got the jump on the pole sitter on the opening lap, but within a few trips around the track, lost the lead, as Batelco edged ahead by a narrow 12.320 seconds.

As the evening progressed, a very competitive and tight race ensued between the two heavyweight teams and despite their best efforts, CG Racing Pro wrapped up their 600th lap and crossed the finish line 31.650 seconds behind Batelco.

The overall results gave CG Racing Pro a second place victory for the 2nd consecutive time, as Bin Drai Karting Team also repeated its third place position on the Pro podium during round 2.

Meanwhile, in the highly contested Corporate Category, both the Choueiri Group teams (CG Racing 1 and CG Racing 2) remained in the front of the pack for the first half of the race. During the later hours, Team Emirates managed to gain a lead, which they sustained till the end, earning them the Corporate Class for the second round in a row.

At the end, CG Racing 1 took home second place silverware in Corporate, while IUM Racing claimed third.

Round 3 of the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship is slated to be held near the end of October 2017.



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