CG Racing make a smashing seasonal start with Pro and Corporate category victories


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October 23, 2017


CG Racing entered the third Round (12-hours race) of the 2017 Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship with its usual contingent of four teams: CG Racing Pro (Pro), CG Racing 1 and CG Racing 2 (Corporate), as well as its dedicated all-female-drivers team CG Racing Angels (Pro).

The race, which kicked off at 7 pm on Friday (October 20), featured the comeback of the Reverse Switchback configuration for the first time since 2015. Track officials at the Dubai Kartdrome made the call due to the format’s popularity with drivers, who appreciate the ultra-quick back straight with allows many overtaking opportunities. Overall, Round 3 proved to be a highly productive one for CG Racing teams, who managing to get on to each of the category podiums.

CG Racing Pro entered the Round 3 competition in the runners-up spot with 70 championship points. Placing in superb efforts over the course of the 700 kilometers and over 12 hours race, they went head-to-head with rivals Batelco Racing. Russian contenders Lukoil Racing also shook up the status quo in this round, by claiming pole position and then went on to control the first few hours of the race. CG Racing Pro took the lead at one point in the race, but despite coming up fast at the end, lost to Batelco by a very close 12.095 seconds. This gave CG Racing Pro their third consecutive runners-up victory this season in the Pro and overall category.

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In the Corporate category, CG Racing 1 went all out to fulfil its objectives and beat its previous rounds’ runners up performance, by combining some outstanding driving and strategy skills. The team scored its first class win of the year by beating Team Emirates by 48.873 seconds. This victory gives CG Racing 1 a good chance to challenge for the title in December. The all-Lebanese team with 92 points also secured the #3 Nations Cup trophy.


Sister team CG Racing 2, which entered the competition in 5th place with 58 championship points, also battled hard to meet its goals and came up the ranks after a brilliant run to secure the 3rd place corporate podium standing.

Choueiri Group’s female led CG Racing Angels also placed in a spectacular performance and won the Spirit-of-the-Event Award for Round 3.

CG Racing team owner Pierre Choueiri expressed his joy at CG Racing’s overall success on the podium stand and in regaining the corporate category top placement in this round, by stating, “Despite the tough competition, I’m very proud of CG Racing 1 and 2, who both delivered some outstanding racing today to live-up to our expectations. With the final ahead of us in December, we will be working hard to meet all our other objectives as well”.

The fourth and final round of the 2017 Endurance Championship will be taking place on December 15-16, 2017.




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