CG Racing make a smashing seasonal start with Pro and Corporate category victories


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CG Racing wins 4 runner-up trophies at 700 kilometers round-3 race

October 25, 2015

Karting Round 3

Following up on a long list of top placements won during round-2 (#1 Nations Cup, #1 and # 3 Corporate Category, #2 and #3 Overall, plus #2 Pro category), CG Racing stepped up to round 3 of the 2015 Kartdrome Endurance Championship driven by Mini, over the weekend of October 23-24.

With all 4 CG Racing teams present on the starting grid at 9 pm on Friday, some exceptional racing action ensured, resulting in some prominent winning performances for the CG Racing squads across the 700 kilometers race.

CG Racing Pro (David Terrien, Rami Azzam and Piers Pakenham, Alban Varutti), who won the opening race held earlier in March, and held up the runners up position in round 2, maintained their stance yet again, with another chase of the lead takers Dubai Falcon Racing Team, who were the first to complete the 700 kilometers round 3 race. CG Racing Pro secured the runners-up 2nd place trophy in the Pro Category, along with the Overall #2 placement.

On the Corporate Category front, a very well-deserved run witnessed CG Racing 1 being awarded the #2 Corporate placement as well as the #2 Nations Cup. CG Racing 1 comprised of team captain Oliver Saade, with drivers Julien Anaty, Maged Traboulsi and Omar Moukahchar.

Speaking to his team and supporters at the conclusion of the third round, Choueiri Group’s Chairman and CEO and CG Racing team owner Pierre Choueiri stated that “After a break over the summer period, we’re very excited to be back on this track. Our teams’ efforts today resulted in some great positions, yet we fell short on some of our goals, despite our efforts and the standard of our performance. You can’t keep tabs on all variables. Our top-most priority for the upcoming final round will be to place in our best final sprints to the finish line”.

The final and upcoming 4th round of the 2015 Kartdrome Endurance Championship driven by Mini is slated to take place December 11-12. 



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